The Wrong Assumptions About Senior Care Business Opportunities

With people getting older every passing day, it is safe to conclude that there are lots of senior care business opportunities lurking everywhere. It would thus be considered wise if you decide to venture into the home care business now more than later.

A lot of people have considered this while many still are considering it at the moment. They are however plagued by certain assumptions that have been made as regards to owning and running a senior care franchise. Many of these assumptions are not true and shouldn’t deprive you of being of service to many old people out there who need care.

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Here are some of the assumption made regarding the senior care business and why they are wrong.

  • A lot of people assume that anyone who must grab hold of any senior care business opportunity must have a professional background in health care. This is absolutely wrong for the sole reason that neither you nor any of your workers would be administering any medical care to the patients.

What would be expected of you and your staff would be to provide assistance to the seniors in your care. You are thus only in charge of duties like making meals, doing laundries, bathing and grooming the senior, providing companionship and the likes. These are what any hardworking and compassionate person can handle effectively and efficiently.

  • Many people have failed to take advantage of senior care business opportunities because they feel they are too old to make it happen. They believe that the prime time to start a business is when someone is in his or her early and late twenties. This is also a wrong assumption. You can own and run a senior care business as long as you still physically can and are devoted to it and your clients, no matter how late you think it is.
  • It is true that the home care business is recently attracting a lot of companies. It is however not true that it means that there is little to no chance of you succeeding if you decide to start up your own home care business as well. Statistics have shown that the number of adults aged 65 and over is expected to triple in the next 20 years and that means that there is also a growing need for senior care services everywhere.

  • Another common assumption is that one needs a lot of capital to own a senior care franchise. The truth however is that with as low as $30,000, you can become a proud owner of a very reputable senior care franchise. All you need to do is do a thorough research and you’ll find a home care company that not only stays within your budget, but also shares the same goals and practices you might have in mind.
  • Prospective senior care franchise owners also entertain the fear of having to deal with health insurance claims. If you are one of those that is holding back from buying a senior care franchise because of such concern, then you should know that health insurance does not cover in home care and are mostlyfinanced by private pockets.

Free Affiliate Website Builders You Can Use

Affiliate marketing is one of the dozens of ways through which one can make a living online. It is a gold mine and studies show that the affiliate marketing industry generates revenue of $5 billion per year. So, jumping on this opportunity should be a good idea. However, if you’re unsure what exactly affiliate marketing is, it’s basically the practice of promoting products and merchandise through referring potential consumers logged onto your website to visit the producer’s, manufacturer’s or retailer’s site through the links you’ve provided. Once this customer makes a purchase through your link, you receive a commission based on the agreement between you and the retailer. It’s a really legitimate way of earning, however, to become an affiliate marketer you’ll first need an affiliate website. Luckily, there are loads of free affiliate website builders with which you could use to build your very own website.

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In website building and design, one can either go for a hosting account if the finances are available, or one could go for a Free Affiliate Website Builder. The free option works, but it will not be as great as the paid one. However, once the bucks start rolling in, you’ll get to see the difference. Some of the free and almost Free Affiliate Website building platforms include:

  • Wix
  • GoCentral
  • WordPress
  • SquareSpace
  • Weebly


Using Wix is completely free, however, this platform may not be entirely favorable to first-time web designers or developers. However, Wix offers users a professional yet rigid approach to their affiliate websites. Everything you need for an affiliate website is available on Wix. The platform is indeed free, but to get a more professional affiliate website, premium plans of about $35/month are in order.


This works for users who may not have the luxury of time to design an affiliate website. One of the perks of using GoCentral is that no technical knowledge is needed. It’s great and has features which are easy to include. However, this website builder is not free but it works for those with little budgets. From $6 to $30 a month users can access diverse plans.


WordPress is known for flexibility. It is undoubtedly the most popular web building platform there is. With over 50 distinct templates designed for affiliate marketing, however, while there are lots of free templates, some of them also come within the premium package of $50. With or without a budget you can build your affiliate website and use an extensive selection of plugins while at it too.

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One major pro that Squarespace has over others is its excellent image quality. Affiliate marketers are at peace with the practical features that Squarespace has. However, the plans could vary from $12-$40 a month. The templates are really stunning and the platform has customizable features as well.


This platform is free to use. There are enough tools and plugins with which you can build your very own affiliate website. Weebly offers its users flexibility in their website design. It has a simple interface and is great for beginners.

There are certain advantages that each of these platforms has above the other, hence it is important to conduct ample research on each of them before committing to one.

The Event Site Selection San Francisco California: 5 Things You Must Consider

Planning an event can be very tasking considering the number of choices you have to make and the number of factors that must be put into consideration before each choice is made. In some cases, the non-availability of option is a problem and yet for others, it is the high number of options available that poses the problem. The process of event site selection San Francisco California doesn’t have to be a hurdle if you know what to do. Here are some criteria to guide you.

  • Location

This is of course your number one point of consideration. The location of your selected event site is important if you want the prospective guests or attendees to all be there and there on time. You must thus consider other factors like traffic, transportation and parking amongst others and how it affects the location of the event sites you are considering.

Tip: for local events, select an event site located fairly close to a large number of the attendees’ homes or workplaces. For events that will be attended by a lot of out-of-towners, it would be wise for your event site to be located close to the airport or to the hotels that the attendees are staying in.

  • Capacity

This is a matter of simple mathematics. If the event is meant for about 500 guests, then it would be considered unwise to secure an event site that can only cater to a maximum of 300 guests. this would only result in crowding and you would probably also be in violation of certain fire and safety codes.

  • The Existing Mood

While an expertly done decoration has the power to transform any event place into whatever the client wants, it wouldn’t hurt to select a location that already has some of these in place. You should thus be on the lookout for venues whose decors, furniture and fittings and overall architecture already goes in line with the theme you have in mind. This means that less resources would be spent on decoration.

  • Parking Arrangement

Parking is always an issue that attendees have to deal with in many events. A lot of people come early not just for the sake of being on time but so that they can secure a spot to park their vehicle.

Note to event planner: when carrying out the event site selection process, your priority should be to seek venues that have parking lots. If you can’t however, then make plans to reserve nearby parking lots big enough for the guest.

  • Ease of Access

Before settling on an event site, you must first consider how easy it will be for all your guest to access the building and the amenities it provides. This is most especially considered when the guest list contains those with special needs or children.

Ballroom3.jpg (4798×3312)

The event site selection process is one that must be carried out with thoroughness if the event is to be a success. The above mentioned factors are just a few points of consideration that should help you select the perfect location for your event.

Above all however, the best tip would be for you to start the selection process on time. This affords you the time needed to be thorough and to ensure that everything meets your requirements as a planner and thus that of your client.

What Makes The Right Catering Services San Francisco?

Just as with other professions, catering takes a combination of dedication, commitment, hard work and not forgetting to mention the right skills to become the best. While catering services San Francisco have similar attributes to a chef, caterers are faced with a myriad of challenges. Apart from cooking food and serving drinks to the satisfaction of guests, other tasks caterers handle include marketing, accounting, and customer relations.

What Makes a Good Caterer?

Standing out and delivering outstanding service can be a challenging task. Overcoming these challenges makes one a successful caterer. Here are some of the factors that make up a good caterer

CateringServices1-1-3008x1504.jpg (3008×1504)

  • Cooking

When you hear catering services San Francisco, what comes to mind? The answer is simple – great tasting food. No matter how beautifully decorated the event venue might be or how sophisticated the facilities, guests will leave an event disappointed if the food is awful. You also need to be highly skilled and experienced in making last minute changes to the recipe, plan the right menu and safely prepare the food. It doesn’t end there. Caterers also consider creating the right temperature for every meal and drink as well as proper transport facility to the event.

  • Food Safety

Professional catering services San Francisco stay updated and comply with the food safety laws in San Francisco. This way, guests are assured of enjoying dishes prepared with the utmost care and for safe consumption.

  • Customer Service

Every professional caterer works closely with clients to deliver exactly what they need. Put succinctly, caterers are customer friendly, and diplomatic in the ways they handle things. There comes a time when a caterer may have to persuade a client to use a different ingredient or possibly change a menu due to some cogent reasons.

916-erp-catering-services_cr7cn6.jpg (2820×1833)

Great communication and interpersonal relations are essential attributes of a professional caterer in San Francisco. Without these factors, it will be difficult to not only create a successful event but also build a good lasting relationship with clients. When a customer is satisfied, then they will come back for more. More so, these satisfied clients can also recommend your services to friends and family members in need of a reputable catering company for their event. Client’s referrals and word of mouth advertising remain the best form of advertising that you can absolutely get.

  • Flexibility and Creativity

Another factor that makes a reputable caterer is how he or she responds to last minute changes. Cooking methods may have to be conformed to meet the varying needs of guests. The primary purpose of organizing an event is to ensure guests get maximum satisfaction. And one way to ensure that is by providing nutritious food that conforms to the dietary requirements of guests. In this case, experts in catering services San Francisco are able to cope with the challenges that come with the job, particularly with changes to menu or ingredients by clients at the very last minute. Caterers can adapt to any situation they find themselves.

Marriage Counselling Toronto – Do You Need It Or Not?

There are a lot of people who feel that it will be weird for them to undergo marriage counselling Toronto especially if they both feel that the marriage is going well. There are instances when people only start to address the issues when it is already too late. All couples can benefit from undergoing this type of therapy mainly because it will be easier to recognize the various conflicts between the couple and resolve those issues before they escalate. If you want to learn more details, you can always search through Google Maps.

Some people would like to undergo Toronto couples counselling but they do not know where they should begin. You can always ask other people who have undergone therapy before for some recommendations. If not, you can search online and look for reputable counselling centres that house various counselors. A lot of these therapists have studied for many years in order to be of help to different people. If you want to know more about how counselling can help you, you can gain more information when you check here.

You may need it because this can be very helpful for forming and deepening intimate relationships. Who would like their marriage to fail, right? Undergoing this type of counselling will help you gain a better understanding about your partner and the way that your partner thinks. A lot of couples say that they begin to learn the importance of doing sacrifices if they feel that this would benefit their relationship. There are also some couples who may need to undergo therapy even if they are not married yet. Some may undergo pre-wedding jitters that may be removed or lessened with the help of the right therapist.

There are a lot of couples who may want to undergo marriage counselling when they are having communication problems. Think about the last time that you have had an argument with your partner. Were you able to resolve it? If not, what is the reason why you have decided to forego resolving it? There are instances when you feel that talking to your partner about the problem will only make everything more conflicted. There are also some couples who undergo marriage counselling when they are having some sexual difficulties. For example, your partner may have a hard time about having sex because of a traumatic experience in the past. This is something that you should understand and this may also be something that the therapist can help you with. If you need more details, you can gain more information when you check Ellen Starr Marriage Counselling. You can get the guidance that you and your partner need.

Take note that the only preparation you may need when you need to undergo couples counselling in Toronto is to find the right therapist who will be able to provide the help that you need. You can get recommendations from different people. You may ask your family doctor or you may even ask your friends. Once you get a few names, create a shortlist of the therapists that you would like to contact. Ask the needed questions that will help you decide on the therapist that you will see soon.

Coral Springs, Florida


An attractive city in southern Florida, Coral Springs can be found nestled in Broward County. Currently inhabited by more than 120,000 residents, this city known as the “city in the country” is a strict city when it comes to rule implementations but still remains a friendly community to visitors with its safe and peaceful atmosphere. Unlike what its name suggests, there are no springs in Coral Springs. Visitors here meanwhile can spend their quality time by admiring the city’s distinguishable structures and its significant culture. Recognized as the 44th best liveable city in the entire United States by CNN in 2010, Coral Springs promises its residents and visitors a calm and worry-free living in its thriving town.

101800847.jpg (1024×679)

Tourist Attractions

Coral Springs greatly takes pride of its arts and culture as seen in its most popular attractions. The Coral Springs Center for the Arts is a theater, gallery, auditorium, and a gymnasium all rolled into one. Built in the 1980s, this place has been very vital in enriching and showcasing home-grown talents from Florida. Broadway masterpieces such as Annie, Rent, and The Nutcracker have already premiered here. Recognized as one of Florida’s Heritage Site Marker is the Coral Springs Covered Bridge. This 40-feet bridge is known to be the first ever structure that was ever built in the city. Aside from the sight of the bridge, visitors will be surprised by the restored murals and grown trees on the sides of this age-old construction. Be sure to not forget a photo of this antique bridge as a souvenir.

Accommodation Tips

Coral Springs offers few but excellent places to stay. The posh Coral Springs Marriott Hotel, Golf Club and Convention Center treats their guests as VIPs. Located on Heron Bay Boulevard, it has 217 guest rooms and offer amenities of swimming pool, restaurant, and a business center. The Courtyard Coral Springs, meanwhile, has 110 clean rooms and a high-speed internet access. The pet-friendly Studio 6 Fort Lauderdale along University Avenue is the place to go to also for their affordable room rates. Book your Coral Springs Hotels with

Restaurants and Dining

Trying out the diverse cuisines in Coral Springs adds to the awesome experience that has been waiting for every visitor. With Coral Springs’ rustic vibe, it is surprising to find eclectic and distinct specialties. Considered to be a favorite of many diners is Bella Vita. Found on Wiles Road, this excellent dining spot is great for lunch and dinner of authentic Italian pizza and their bestselling Stromboli. Greek cooking, meanwhile, awaits everyone at Mythos Greek Taverna. This Mediterranean gem tucked along North University Drive satisfies diners with their great tasting hummus and lamb chops. For filling meals from breakfast to dinner, head to Big Bear Brewing Company, also found on North University Drive. This place not just only serves sumptuous meals but also great beer to complement casual dining. Other places to check out are Falafel Bistro and Wine Bar, Khana Kh’zana, and Marola’s.

la-quinta-inn-coral-springs.jpg (415×311)

Best Museum

The Coral Springs Museum of Art opened in 1997 and from there, continued to be a haven for the works of Florida artists. Catering to the talents of the young and old, this museum has already launched numerous exhibitions that showcase artistry and craftsmanship. Nestled along Coral Springs Drive, it is open from Mondays through Saturdays and requires minimal admission fee except on Wednesdays.

Ultimate Guide To Get A Graphic Design Career [Infographic]

Did you know that graphic design can be your ticket to building up a strong network? You may think that graphic design is such a solitary profession. You spend most of your time on your computer drawing, coloring, and making all kinds of stunning imagery in-line with what your client wants and needs. But in reality, graphic design is far from being that quite a job. According to this infographic, it’s a great way of meeting and forming strong business relationships with other people. While it may not necessarily be public relations, the network you get to form might just be a good one.

Firstly, the clients. When you provide your talents to a client, you get to form a relationship will benefit both parties. You get paid and the client gets the logo/website/poster/etc. that he/she needs. If they like your work, they’ll most likely recommend you to other businesses in need of the same services and the cycle repeats itself. Furthermore, when you’re working for an ad agency, you get to collaborate and work with other artists in the field. With them, you get to learn and share numerous text styles, photoshop tricks, and the like. You might even get a new client or two from them as well.

Never close your doors to various possibilities when you’re a graphic designer. This is a great way to getting your name out there and hopefully making it big with the help of the right connections. You never know, suddenly you’re more known than you realize!

PixelPapa Infographic

Health Benefits Of Soaking In A Hot Bath [Infographic]

In relaxing your body, your muscles become less tense as well. Having to wake up after a good sleep and getting ready for the day can already be a lot of physical stimulation. Then there’s going to school or work, or cleaning the house and taking care of the kids. With so much stuff to do, your muscles slowly but surely get all tensed up. With each and every task you undertake, you make use of your muscles to achieve them, and this, in turn, tightens them up and leaves you exhausted.

Government Mail Fraud Charges

This article gives general careless data of Federal Mail Fraud Statute, a standout amongst the most broadly utilized in cushy criminal indictments. I’ve placed it in a simple to peruse Q&A design. Government criminal accusations are a very genuine issue for which qualified lawful help must be looked for right away.

Question. What is government mail extortion rules?

Answer. Mail and Fraud charges are the most normally devices government investigators use in administrative criminal office cases. The mail misrepresentation resolution includes (1) a ”plan to swindle,” and (2) an utilization of the sends ”to execute” the plan.

The present resolution, 18 U.S.C. § 1341 (2004) gives as pursues: ”Whoever, having contrived or aiming to devise any plan or ingenuity to swindle, or for acquiring cash or property by methods for false or fake misrepresentations, portrayals, or guarantees, or to sell, discard, advance, trade, change, give away, circulate, supply, or outfit or obtain for unlawful utilize any fake or misleading coin, commitment, security, or other article, or anything spoke to be or suggested or held out to be such fake or fake article, to execute such plan or cunning or endeavoring so to do, places in any mail station or approved store for mail matter, any issue or thing whatever to be sent or conveyed by the Postal Service, or stores or causes to be saved any issue or thing whatever to be sent or conveyed by any private or business interstate transporter, or takes or gets along these lines, any such issue or thing, or intentionally causes to be conveyed via mail or such bearer as per the heading consequently, or at the spot at which it is coordinated to be conveyed by the individual to whom it is tended to, any such issue or thing, will be fined under this title or detained not over 20 years, or both. In the event that the infringement influences a budgetary foundation, such individual will be fined not more than $ 1,000,000 or detained not over 30 years, or both.”

Question: What is “‘Use” of the Mails?

Answer: Each utilization of the government sends comprises a different offense and each mailing is a different include in the indictment.”Mail” incorporates Federal Express and other business transporters. While each mailing comprises a different offense, the administration is allowed to put together a solitary tally with respect to any number of mailings. To be disregarding this resolutions, it is sufficient to mail anything or ”purposely cause” anything to be sent. There is a five-year rule of constraint, so if the mailing happened over five years sooner, no infringement of the mail extortion resolution might be charged regardless of whether the plan proceeded to inside the confinements time frame.

Question: What is “‘In Furtherance of” the Scheme?

Answer: Just on the grounds that the respondent “utilized the sends” amid a plan to dupe isn’t sufficient to convict him of mail misrepresentation. The mailing must be ”to execute” or ”in facilitation of ” the plan to cheat. There must be intelligent association between the plan and the particular mailing. As it were, mailing ought to be a piece of the plot.

Question: What is Scheme to Defraud

Answer: To demonstrate an infringement of Section 1341, the administration must demonstrate that the litigant had the particular purpose to cheat, not simply to have taken part in a plan. The legislature must demonstrate the litigant’s persistent interest in a plan with information of the deceitful nature and with the expectation that the illegal goals be accomplished. The legislature will attempt to demonstrate that the respondent was a knowing member in the plan to cheat. At times, it isn’t hard to demonstrate plan to dupe, particularly where the respondent concocted the plan. In different cases the goal is less clear however the administration still should demonstrate that the respondent took an interest in the plan with information of the extortion.

Question: Should the Scheme to Defraud be Successful?

Answer: No. All the administration needs to indicate is that litigant occupied with fake movement proposed to achieve a hardship of cash or property, and utilized the sends in facilitation of the plan. For instance, In US v. Helmsley, the litigant was sentenced for duty extortion and mail misrepresentation dependent on the accommodation of false and deceitful assessment forms. The respondent contended that feelings couldn’t stand in light of the fact that the administration couldn’t demonstrate that any expenses were in reality because of the state. The Second Circuit court in New York held that ”the nonattendance of verification of charges because of New York state is irrelevant on the grounds that accomplishment of a plan to swindle isn’t required.”

Would It Be A Good Idea For You To Pay A Lawyer To Draft A Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

So remaining at the line up for the oar pontoons, I was a little shocked when he requested one specific oar vessel. When we got composed and propelled, we paddle our pontoon around the harbor, I gazed upward and saw the CN tower, it was an excellent summer day. He came to crosswise over and grasped my hand and claimed his undying affection and as effectively as that solicited me to spend the rest from my existence with him!

I kind of realized that we were traveled that heading, yet it surprised me! Truly? Indeed, and the reason I was shocked? Since around a half year prior, he revealed to me that was practically a similar way he requested that his first spouse wed him!! I generally envisioned he would utilize something of a little unique methodology this time around!!

Did I say, “Yes”? All things considered, soon after the proposition came a talk about pre-marital agreements……..

All things considered, how about we talk about pre-nups.

A “Pre-nup” or “Pre-nupt” is another way to say “Pre-matrimonial Agreement” otherwise called a Pre-Marital Agreement or a Marriage Contract. These are authoritative reports that characterize what will occur in case of a breakdown of the marriage. Normally brought into a potential marriage when one gathering’s benefits vigorously out gauge the other party’s advantages. This understanding can illuminate precisely how the division of benefits will fall, what occurs with youngsters, tyke backing, support and whatever other issues that the couple need pre-orchestrated in case of a separation.

A great deal of nations don’t perceive these understandings. A great deal of states/territories won’t bolster the positions taken in a pre-nup. These understandings nearly take the position that the marriage WILL come up short and in this way runs counter to what a marriage truly should speak to. In the event that you are thinking about marriage and somebody raises the possibility of a pre-masterminded understanding in case of disintegration, take some time to consider before you consent to such an agreement. What are the genuine inspirations driving this marriage, on the off chance that it’s not “til demise do us part”, at that point why go into it by any means.

Suppose one family is well off and truly pushing to have this understanding set up, perhaps monetarily inducing or taking steps to retain, and turns into a genuine BIG issue to get this marked. There are five components of a pre-marital contract that must be met all together for the agreement to be substantial:

  • The understanding must be recorded as a hard copy (oral prenups are constantly denied);
  • It must be executed willfully;
  • It must have full as well as reasonable exposure at the season of execution;
  • The understanding can’t be unconscionable;
  • It must be executed by the two gatherings (not their lawyers) “in the way required for a deed to be recorded”, known as an affirmation, before a legal official open.

I would suggest several provisions that ought to be incorporated:

1. Terminates upon the introduction of the principal kid.

If a tyke is conceived, USUALLY, in couples with impressive riches (and there wouldn’t be a pre-nup if there WASN’T significant riches) one accomplice is going to remain home with the infant and may even surrender HER profession. It is sensible to expect that accomplice is going to presumably lose their pay. Is it reasonable for that one accomplice to lose that gaining power, without some kind of recalibration concerning their long haul monetary prosperity as it remains in the current pre-nup? All things considered, the circumstance has changed significantly since the first pre-nup was drawn.

2. That a “dusk provision” be incorporated.

After two or three has been hitched for a long time, perhaps ten, it’s most likely obvious to everybody this is a strong association, cooperating for the benefit of all. There may be kids included, shared obligations and costs, and so forth. A “gold-digger” could never have consented to the arrangement in any case, and likely wouldn’t stay nearby for five or ten years, thus, there ought to be a lapse date connected to the record. Something else, an affluent companion could get oppressive, injurious or outright tired of taking a gander at their accomplice and decide on the “exchange” alternative. Numerous ladies have been exchanged for the more youthful rendition and, on the grounds that they marked the pre-nup, have been left with money related stresses when it could have been maintained a strategic distance from with the “nightfall statement”. Ensure the pre-nup lapses!

  • Ensure there is a statement incorporated that will take into account the consent to be adjusted sometime in the not too distant future.

Never consent to an arrangement that can’t be changed sometime in the future.

Things being what they are, would it be a good idea for you to pay a legal advisor to draft a Pre-Nuptial Agreement? Legal counselors get paid to make these records and legal advisors get paid to battle about these reports. It would appear that a success win for the legal advisors! In the event that your accomplice is demanding a pre-nup, I would scrutinize your accomplices long haul objectives and intentions. In the event that there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY around it, I could NEVER draft this understanding without a lawyer. Answer? Truly, you should pay an attorney to draft a Pre-Nuptial Agreement, yet just as a VERY final hotel and ensure the record incorporates the “Dusk Clause”!!

When Good Is Not Good Enough