July 22, 2024

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5 Types of Tennis Betting

5 Types of Tennis Betting

There is a lot that you can bet on when it comes to tennis, not just on the person or team that is to win the tournament. In this article, we go through the different kinds of tennis bets and help you understand how each works, as understanding this can increase your chances of turning your predictions into cash.

Understanding the Types of Bets

  1. Moneyline Bets

Also known as outright winner betting, or to-win bet is considered the most exciting and popular form of tennis betting. You bet on a specific player or team that you think stands a better chance of winning a specific tournament.

The Moneyline bets in tennis do not pay one standard amount of money on winning, no. The sportsbook usually has lines set based on the likelihood of the player or team winning the tournament. When the tennis player is very likely to win, the potential payout is higher. You can put your money on one player in the tournament and choose to follow them closely as you root for them.

  1. Match Bets

A match bet in tennis betting has a close resemblance to Moneyline betting, only that you do not bet on the overall winner of an entire tournament, but the winner of every single match. So you can choose to bet on a few matches or all of them in a tournament and bet on the players, without having to worry if they get to win the entire tournament or not, as long as they win the matches you have bet on.

You can bet on a particular player only up to the extent you feel they will keep winning and profit from those, and not bet again on them winning the entire tournament. There are no draws in tennis so there will always be only one winner, and you have to decide on which one to bet on.

  1. Handicap Bets

This kind of bet allows you to bet on a player or team that you feel will outperform their expectations even if they lose a match, while also allowing you to bet on the player you expect to win the match and decisively so. To outperform means that if player A is supposed to win by 2 games, he should outperform that and win 3 games or more.

  1. Exact Score Bets

This is a bet that is easy to understand and place and is applied to exact scores of games or sets. The exact score bets in tennis betting are challenging to win, but that is also what makes them pay very high premiums. There is no room to be close to your score bets, you have to be exact to win. If you pick player A as the winner of the 1st set who will win 6-4, then they should win by exactly 6-4, and if this happens you get paid really well.

  1. Prop Bets

There are very many prop bets that one can make, especially on the high profile tournaments. It is a kind of wager that you bet on something on the likelihood of something happening or not happening. If that one thing you bet on not happening fails to happen, then you win; if you bet on something specific happening and it does, you win. One of the popular props in tennis betting is picking one between two players that will last longer in a tournament, and if both get eliminated in the same round, then that would be a push and you get a refund. Whatever can be confirmed and quantified in a tennis match or tournament can be bet on under prop bets.