July 21, 2024

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5 Ways To Reuse Your Empty Aloe Vera Gel Tubs

5 Ways To Reuse Your Empty Aloe Vera Gel Tubs

With the worsening state of climate change, reducing waste has become a crucial part of many people’s lives. Many repurpose old containers to avoid wasting suitable plastic and creating more trash. Others also choose reusable items and plastic-free alternatives. Suppose you plan to reduce your waste at home–like how to reuse your empty aloe vera gel tubs–take note of these five tips.

Refill with New Aloe Vera

Most aloe vera gel tubs are made with hard plastic that can be refilled with new products. Instead of throwing away your aloe vera gel pots, use them to store new aloe vera gel that you can buy in refill pouches. Doing so saves you money as refills are usually cheaper and have more content. You also avoid throwing away plastic that can be reused or upcycled. Use it to store organic aloe vera gel harvested from your aloe vera plants.

Store Homemade Beauty Products

During the quarantine, you’ve probably explored the DIY skincare section of the Internet. Prevent your homemade scrubs from going bad by storing them in washed empty aloe vera tubs. The hard plastic is designed to prolong the shelf life of your skincare products. Their screw lids also keep products made from sugar, tea leaves, coffee grounds, and honey away from ants and other pests.

Reusing your empty aloe vera tubs is a sustainable way of reducing your household wastes. Properly storing your homemade products may also prevent your home from smelling foul or inviting mold and bacteria growth. Avoid complaints from your neighbors and management, especially if you live in close-knit communities like Victoria Towers.

Use Them to Organize Your Stuff

Use your empty gel tubs to store paper clips, staples, tape, and other office supplies. These tubs are also great for keeping small paint tubes, pen nibs, needles, and spools of thread. Your work desk and shelves will be organized. Likewise, you’ll also know where to find items you need without rummaging through all your stuff.

Turn Them Into Travel Paint Palettes

Customize a portable paint palette by choosing colors that you often use and store them inside your empty aloe vera gel container. Watercolors are preferable as you can reactivate the colors with water when dried out. However, you can use it to carry acrylic paints as the lid keeps them moist longer. Tightly screw the cover to keep the paints secure or to keep them from falling out of your make-shift paint palette.

Use Them as Plant Containers

Repot your new house plants in your repurposed plant containers—drill holes at the bottom to serve as water drainage, to keep your soil from getting too wet. Upcycling your empty aloe vera containers into plant containers allows you to reuse your tubs in a way that will make Mother Nature happy.

Overall, repurposing your old aloe vera containers is a convenient and productive way to reduce waste at home. By following these five tips, you’ll have durable containers for skincare products, organizing your things, and keeping your favorite house plants. You’ll also help the environment heal by reducing your carbon footprint.