July 22, 2024

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Are Slick Tiles And Hockey Floor Tiles The Same?

Are Slick Tiles And Hockey Floor Tiles The Same?

Slick tiles hockey floor tiles, what’s the difference? Both are designed to provide a great hockey training environment for players. They are also both like ice and are supposed to allow the pucks to glide across them with as little resistance as possible. Is there a difference? Yes and no, it all depends on the way that you look at the question. It also depends on whether or not you care about quality.

What Are Slick Tiles?

Slick tiles are the Sniper’s Edge Hockey version of dryland hockey flooring tiles. The difference is in the name. Dryland flooring is a generic term for dryland training tiles that can be installed in an area in order to create a hockey training area, or a hockey-playing area. The difference between regular dryland flooring and slick tiles is that Sniper’s Edge designed these tiles in a way that is superior to other hockey flooring solutions. Slick tiles are designed and manufactured by a company that knows the hockey game inside and out and has the experience to understand exactly how flooring should be in order to play safely and effectively.

Hockey Floor Tiles

Hockey floor tiles can mean several different things. There are the dryland hockey flooring tiles that most hockey players are familiar with. Another type of hockey flooring is synthetic ice. The main difference between dryland tiles and synthetic ice tiles is that you can not skate on dryland tiles with ice skates. On synthetic ice, however, you can use ice skates all that you want. In fact, some places create whole rinks made from synthetic ice so that people can play hockey year-round, outside in the sun if they want. In most cases, synthetic ice is more for larger areas that are turned into skating areas where the dryland flooring tiles can be set up in smaller places.

One more type of hockey floor tile is rubber floor tiles. Although rubber is not ideal for pucks or ice skates, there are many players that play hockey with inline skates and a ball instead of a puck. Of course, this is a lot different than playing on the ice with a puck, it is a game that takes practice and skill. It also seems to be a lot of fun for the ones who play it.

Setup And Installation Of Slick Tiles

The Sniper’s Edge slick tiles are super easy to set up and install. All that you need is a substantial amount of area with a flat surface and you are ready to go. The boxes that the tiles come in contain twenty tiles per box. Each tile is 1 foot by 1 foot. This means that one box has 20 square feet of flooring. You can convert 20 square feet of garage space into a lean mean hockey practicing area to train for stickhandling and short passes. All you have to do is set the tiles flat on the ground and insert the tabs into the grooves to make a flat area to practice on. Whether it is a small area or a large area the tiles fit neatly together and form a seamless surface.


Basically one could say that slick tiles and hockey floor tiles are the same. However, the term hockey floor tiles could represent a number of different floor types. Slick tiles are essentially a creation of their own because a company that lives eats and breathes hockey created them. If you are searching for the perfect hockey flooring solution, the Snkiper’s Edge slick tiles are, by far, the best way to go.