July 24, 2024

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Best Adventurous Activities in Dubai

Best Adventurous Activities in Dubai

Dubai is a very popular city in the United Arab Emirates and also the capital of Emirates. It is located in the eastern part of the Dubai Peninsula. It is famous for its luxury shopping, modern architecture, and amazing nightlife. The great architects of Dubai, such as Emaar Beachfront, Burj Khalifa, and Atlantis hotel, are a symbol of progressing Dubai. People come here from all over the globe to enjoy the luxury and lifestyle of this great city.

However, there are not only tall buildings and expensive food you will find in Dubai. There are a lot of entertaining activities you can do in Dubai.

Here is the list of some adventurous activities you can enjoy in Dubai :


Skydiving is among the top in the list of adventurous activities of many people. People usually don’t find this kind of adventure close to their home places but Dubai offers this amazing experience with some professionals of skydiving. You will be experiencing a jump from a plane at the height of 4,000 meters. If you are new and not experienced, then you can get a professional to support you, however, if you are experienced you can easily jump on your own. You will get the chance to see an attractive view of the city from the sky, including the bird’s-eye view of the palm island.

Desert Safari

If you are in Dubai and have not tried the desert safari, are you really in Dubai? This is a very popular activity among visitors. Desert safari will take you around the amazing desert of Dubai. You will experience some amazing activities, like sandboarding, camel rides, and dune bashing. You can also enjoy dinner in the open sky. It is the best experience for the people who enjoy being in a desert. The multiple numbers of activities that are available at desert safari make the experience amazing.

Dune Bashing

If you love to experience offroading, then desert sand dune bashing might be in your interest. The vehicles are so powerful that it can run on the sand easily without any interruption. You will be driving a 4×4 that might be a hummer, land cruiser, or any similar vehicle. This experience can be done in most desert safari.

Quad Biking

Quad bikes are made for the deserts. The tires of the quad bike are specially made for the deserts to pick the grip on the sand. One can easily learn to ride these bikes. They have wide tires, light-bodied, and very powerful engines making it easier for the rider to ride it on the sandy surface. This is a very thrilling and adventurous activity, and very popular among the locals of the city.


The naturally inclined lands that allow the board to slide down under the force of gravity can be found in the desert of Dubai. This has initiated a very extreme sport called sandboarding. There is no other better than Dubai for this amazing sport. The inclined surface in the deserts of Dubai makes it easier to play the sport. This is the kind of experience we really recommend you to have, at least once in your life.


The best way to beat the heat in the summer is to plan your holidays in the waterpark. These refreshing water parks make your day joyful. Dubai has a lot of amazing water parks. Watersports are popular and common in Dubai. One can do deep fishing, water skiing, and jetpacking sessions. You have the option of choosing the preferred time slots and provided with all the necessary safety equipment.

Enjoy your day by playing some adventurous watersports.


Dubai has the world’s longest zipline. If you are looking to excite yourself with such rides then you must think about going to Dubai. This ride is 170 meters above the ground and can take you at a speed of 60 km/h. You get to see the beautiful view of Dubai from the sky above. The world’s longest zipline is the Jebel Jais Flight. It takes you 1,870 meters above the ground at a speed of 150 km/h.

Dubai is the city where most of the people come to fulfil their dreams by living the luxury life and enjoying a lavish lifestyle. You can live a healthy life around some beautiful constructions, like Madinat Jumeirah living, Burj Al Arab, and Burj Khalifa. One can enjoy spending their holidays in beautiful theme parks. You can do some amazing activities in Dubai. These activities are dreams of some people and only Dubai is considered to be the city that can fulfil all those dreams.