July 14, 2024

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Face Transformation (Facial Feminization Surgery, Facial Masculinization Surgery)

Face Transformation (Facial Feminization Surgery, Facial Masculinization Surgery)

What is face transformation?

It is considered one of the major surgeries within the extensive range of plastic and cosmetic surgery. It aims to treat the functioning and enhance the appearance of facial features. For a clear understanding, we can categories the aims of facial transformation surgery as;

Reconstruction Procedures

These procedures aim to reconstruct facial faults that come into existence due to any ailment, birth disorder, or any accidental disorder. It can be done through reconstructive surgical procedures, such as reconstructing the nose to repair the intense marks of burn, scar revision surgery.

Cosmetic Procedure

These procedures referred to the modification and alteration of the facial features to improve and enhance the appearance on the basis of gender. It can be done through surgical procedures or non-surgical medical techniques, for instance, Botox, fillers, facelift, eyelid surgery.

Facial transformation in Dubai

If you are looking for a facial transformation in Dubai, it is essential to choose a certified, experienced and registered surgeon. The best clinic for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Dubai also offers this facility. The success ratio of this surgical treatment increases when you select the best clinic and surgeon for you.

Cost of face transformation in Dubai

Its cost varies from clinic to clinic. The method which is used by the surgeon and revision of procedure also determines its cost. However, if you are looking for a successful facial transformation by an experienced surgeon in Dubai for facial feminization or facial masculinization surgery, usually, the estimated budget of this surgical procedure lies within 8,000 AED to 9,000 AED.

Facial transformation based on gender

It is a very rare and complicated surgery that encompasses unique characteristics like; if men desired to change their facial appearance like women, then it will be called facial feminization surgery. If women desired to change their facial appearance like men, it

would be called facial masculinization surgery.

Possible procedures

These surgeries are very flexible, and a long list of procedures includes in it. Because there is quite a visible and clear distinction lies within male and female features. So possible procedures done within facial feminization surgery are,

  • Reshaping of nose
  • Reshaping of eyes
  • Augmentation of cheeks and lips
  • Reshaping or reduction of the jawline
  • Reshaping of eyebrows
  • Lifting of eyebrows
  • Hair transplant to narrow the area of the forehead

Whereas the possible procedures involve within facial masculinization surgery are,

  • Lip reduction
  • Hair transplant to increase the area of eyebrow
  • Bone implant for visible forehead
  • Jaw implant for a sharp look of the jawline

Benefits of facial transformation

This surgical procedure offers various advantages concerning your aesthetic beauty and appearance. Here is a list of some benefits that you will get through this surgical procedure.

  • Your psychological health will be improved as you have now your desired look.
  • Your physical appearance will look more beautiful in the way you want.
  • Your facial look will be enhanced.
  • Your facial appearance will be more contoured and well defined.

Recovery after facial transformation treatment

There is a risk of some severe complications, but we can get maximum results by selecting a qualified and experienced surgeon.

We can also reduce the risk of infection by taking medicine and following the instructions of the doctor carefully and regularly. Try to avoid hard physical activities for few days and limit your extra strenuous works.