September 22, 2021

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When Good Is Not Good Enough

From Sand To Tar And Then Finally To A Flat Top


Where and how did it begin?

As the name suggests, a flat top means a roof in Macomb County Michigan which is levelled to almost a hundred and eighty degrees. Unlike the gambrel, the roof here is flat and there is absolutely no need of rafters. Flat tops were a created in the presence of the ancient Egyptian empire, during when the pharaoh and the associated gods ruled. But due to the lack of advancement, these flat roofs were built with the same material which the Egyptians used in the creation of the great pyramids of Giza. And from there it moved on to the Arabian Peninsula and begins the identity of the Middle Eastern homes. These homes with a flat roof can be spotted anywhere from Yemen to Israel. So thanks to the progressions in Globalisation, the flat top roofs can be spotted anywhere on Earth, including Michigan. Thanks to the roofing contractors Macomb County MI.


The flat top roofs of the modern age

Unlike the Egyptian times, the flat top roofs of today are an evidence of modernisation in civil construction. These roofs are the demand of over eighty percent of the modern homes. And they are here to replace the conventional rafting systems.Flat top roof is a thick lining of sand, gravel and tar. Now comparing the flat top roof with the prismatic roof, in such a comparison the flat top wins the game of being the most cost friendly roof to acquire. The reason is that the flat top roofs only require tar and gravel and since no rafters are needed, the overall cost is reduced. And as the surface of the flat top roof is tangible, hence the conservation of the flat top roof is the simplest one.


The role of the flat top roofs during freezing mid-western cold

Michigan, like all the other northern state, receives below freezing temperatures and the risk of frost bite. In such conditions the flat top roof acts as a heat exchanger, because the structure is concrete, it is a good absorber of heat. During daytime, the roof warms up and the heat diffuses from the top to the floor and escapes to the surroundings. And due to the open free space, the flat top roof is suitable for the placement of pot plants, geysers or any other related household item.