October 7, 2022

Health Benefits Of Having Eggs In The Morning

Health Benefits Of Having Eggs In The Morning

Eggs are an essential nutrient among people across the globe. Eggs provide key nutrients that are needed as part of a healthy diet to help you to be productive and energetic. Eggs contain both macronutrients and micronutrients, which are crucial for the build-up of the body. Eggs have been known as the richest source of complex protein. Complex protein is synthesis from amino acids in the ribosome of the human cell which performs many vital functions. It is primarily a building block of proteins, thus making up the whole process of human beings. There are many health benefits of eggs that should be incorporated into your dietary plan. The following are the benefits of eggs consumption in the morning.

Increase HDL Cholesterol

High-Density Lipoprotein is known as HDL is good cholesterol needed by our body to maintain cholesterol levels. The function of HDL is to absorb cholesterol and bring it back to the liver and then the liver flushes it from the body. A study has shown that people with high HDL levels have a lower risk of getting heart disease, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases. Research also has demonstrated eating 2 two eggs per day for six consecutive weeks may increase HDL levels by up to 10 percent. This has been affirmed by American Heart Association which has concluded a healthy people could safely eat a whole egg daily.

Obtain A Sufficient Source Of Protein

Eggs contain sufficient amounts of protein needed by humans to carry out structural and functional activities such as growth and development, repairing body tissues, lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of developing diabetes, and helping you to build muscle or lose weight. It is estimated one egg contains 75 calories, 7 grams, of protein, 5 grams of fat along with iron, minerals, vitamins, and carotenoids. The protein contains an amino acid that is linked together in a complex shape that is used by the body to carry out those functions. There are about 21 amino acids that can be categorized into two types which is an essential amino acid and non-essential amino acid. There is 9 essential amino acid that cannot be synthesized by the body and needs to obtain from foods while non-essential amino acids can be synthesized by the body.

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Make You Feel Full Longer

Our modern society has tremendously changed our lifestyle and urged us to work in a fast-paced environment. Preparing heavy meals during breakfast is time-consuming and can be stressful while you need to chase the time to go to the office, therefore one boiled egg with whole bread in the morning can solve the problem. You may feel energetic the whole morning until lunch because the egg is loaded with a trace of carbohydrates to keep you full.

Promote Your Brain Health

Eggs also are enriched with choline, which is a type of B-complex vitamin which is important for health and brain development. Choline helps in the formation of membranes surrounding the cell. An egg approximately contains 125.5 milligrams of choline which is proven to aid with cognitive functions like visual and verbal memory and the learning process. Besides that, choline also has shown the ability to regulate mood and improve concentrations. Pregnant women are advised to consume vitamins that contain a sufficient amount of choline to promote fetal brain development.

Good For Sight

Eggs contain vitamin A which is important in eye health. Apart from that, it is also loaded with zeaxanthin and lutein which has been demonstrated to reduce the risk of cataracts that normally happen among old folk, improve visual contrast sensitivity, suppress inflammation and enhance the defense mechanism to fight against free radicals and oxidative stress. Vitamin A deficiency is the most common phenomenon that causes blindness in children in poor countries such as Africa. Therefore, consuming an egg yolk per day can reduce the risk of getting eye disease and improve vision.