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How Difficult Is The Pmp Certification? How Long Would It Take To Prepare For It?

Pmp Certification

Pmp Certification

PMP is the short form or the initials of the three words Project Management Professional, which is actually one of the most popular certificate given by PMI, which can be expanded or widely recognized as the Project Management Institute. The applicants who satisfy all the PMP certification needs first and then successfully crack the PMP certification exam get or are given the PMP certification. Note that, there is a certain validity time for PMP certification once you earn it. Every two to three years, PMP certification executives as well as candidates must earn at least some 55 to 60 PMP PDUs as well as start the PMP renewal process at all costs .

PMP certification is the most famous as well as popular and sought professional certification for the project management profession all over the globe . Many of the executives demand or seek PMP certification in project management job tiers when they are adopting certain measures . Also, they seek PMP certification as a must have requirement for their present candidates when they are indecisively marketing their employees to project management job aspects . Based on the outcome of a present calculated survey, PMP certified candidates command nearly around some 14% higher pay than their other counterparts or associated team mates .

Need for PMP or the requirements’ reason for the same

You might wonder why there are world wide demands as well as needs for PMP certification? There are basically two key reasons for this. The first vital reason is project management is one of the most prolific profession that needs effective message transmission with several shareholders throughout the entire project. While giving an outcome of work, project managers must be mindful about transmission , way of dealing as well as how to handle the required needs of different customers .

The second main as well as vital option for getting the needs for PMP is project management always seeks for solid theoretical idea as well as analysis on project management methods . There are basically 10 knowledge sectors that a project manager has to be efficient as well as effective in order to crack the PMP certification exam. These vital areas are mostly tested in five various project management method teams . To crack the PMP Bootcamp in Atlanta GA certification exam, a PMP desiring individual must be able to score above a certain level from the specified project management method teams .

Let us analyze and properly see the PMP experience requirement as well as the PMP education requirement in a nutshell . Note that, depending on the PMP knowledge requirement you fulfil, your PMP experience requirement might vary or differ as well.

First requirement

To apply for PMP certification, you require to have at least a secondary degree certificate , for example, a high school or some equivalent education level certification . If your highest collected education level is of a secondary degree, to apply for the PMP certification, you require to fulfil the below listed three PMP certification needs.

1) A minimum of 4 to 5 years of project management work experience in the same field

2) A minimum of around 7300 to 7500 hours in both heading as well as managing certain projects

3) Nearly 30 to 35 hours of project management course training with proper outcomes.

Second requirement

Be clear about this point and statement , project management experience sector in the  PMP certification needs does not look for any active management of a project. Taking part in a project environment also accounts for some 2 to 3 years of the experience requirement in the same genre of job aspect. However, 4500 hours of these 2 to 3 years, which sums up to be around 2 years, need to be utilized well on heading , controlling as well as managing projects. Again, this in no way means that you should have proper enrolment in a project as a project manager or executive . A heading por management role can be that of a supervisor of a smaller team member or group member, team leader of the working group, helping or providing assistance to the project manager in most of the project management events , tasks as well as assignments.