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Link Your Huawei Black Friday Ksa Bought Phone To Your Laptop

Link Your Huawei Black Friday Ksa Bought Phone To Your Laptop

Did you finally go ahead and buy the Huawei phone at black Friday ksa, and you would want to link it to your Laptop for better viewing the pictures or transfer a copy of your phone’s images and movies to your computer? Or it can be the other way around. Even you might wish to use your computer to operate your Huawei phone.

Huawei is a great company that repeatedly has proved itself to be the best and worth it for the money you spend on it. Regardless of any problems, it seems to face. It provides its loyal customers with amazing deals and smartphones especially featuring great cameras, storage, and a long-lasting battery to make an impression on others. You can even compare them with the mobile phones of Apple and Samsung, which are extremely expensive, and Huawei phones cost you less than that. As for the connectivity part, unlike the other smartphone companies, which might not offer other solutions to connect your phone to your Laptop, Huawei indeed does that and offers you help in every possible way.

Know that there are numerous ways to link a phone to a computer. Wi-Fi connections and USB cables are both supported in this regard.

One of the easiest ways of connecting both is through AirDroid Personal. Wirelessly connect your Huawei phone to a computer without any hassle. No jumble of wires, and immediate connection of your phone to your PC.

You can also do so by using a USB cable, but there can be various problems, like a broken cable or port, a loose connection, an uninstalled driver, and many more. Let’s learn a bit more about AirDroid Personal and the benefits it offers.

What is AirDroid Personal?

It sounds like a new thing, but it is the easiest way to access a mobile device remotely. You may use your computer to control your phone remotely anywhere and at any time.

Through AirDroid Personal, you can mirror the screen, view through the phone’s camera, manage calls and texts, and even transfer files. Moreover, it is compatible with all the different operating systems of laptops, including Mac.

You also don’t need to install it on your computer but remotely control your phone from your computer by using the AirDroid Web version. The best part is that AirDroid Personal functions both wirelessly and over wires.

1. Easily Connect Your Phone to Your Computer

You can remotely connect your Huawei phone to your computer anytime and from any location with a good internet connection, either a mobile data connection or a Wi-Fi network. However, your computer and Huawei phone don’t have to be linked to an identical Wi-Fi network.

2. Monitor and Control SMS and Notifications on a PC:

Check your Huawei phone’s notifications directly by syncing them with your computer. Notifications from Facebook, Instagram, or even LinkedIn can easily be accessed and replied to. You can even send and receive messages, make phone calls and see call history and even prevent some app notifications from appearing on your computer by blocking them.

3. Mirroring the Screen:

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Using AirDroid Personal or an application like this, use your Huawei phone to mirror your PC’s display. As a result, you may view the content on your phone on a larger screen, which improves visibility and readability.

4. Wireless Camera

The surroundings of your Huawei phone are instantly viewable through the phone camera on your computer. You may listen to the sounds in the area from a distance.

With the help of this feature, your phone can be used as a pet camera, baby camera, and home security camera. Depending on your needs, you can record videos and take screenshots.

5. Remote Phone Control Through Computer

Through AirDroid Personal, you may manage your Huawei phone from your computer. For example, you can use any app and play games on your phone from your computer by having the phone’s screen appear there.

6. Moving Files Between Several Platforms

With AirDroid Personal, you may wirelessly transfer files, including any file or format, from your phone to your PC and vice versa.

You can even move data to a nearby device without an internet connection. Messages, links, and texts can also be shared between devices and files.


There are several ways to use your computer to access a Huawei phone, but the simplest method for using a PC to access a Huawei phone is AirDroid Personal. Use AirDroid Personal, a wireless method to connect your Huawei phones to your Laptop