July 14, 2024

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Marvels That Put Dubai On The World Travel Map Marvels That Put Dubai On The World Travel Map

Dubai is one of the most traveled destinations in the world today. Thanks to its geographic location, it stands tall as the gateway to many European destinations from the Asian subcontinent. The rags to riches story of the city of Dubai has been one of the most glamorous human endeavors. Rising from mere desert sand, Dubai today hosts some of the most iconic architectural structures in the world. Here is a list of 5 eye-popping engineering marvels which has placed Dubai as a top-notch afl travel packages destination.

1.  Palm Island

Dubai has stretched its limits of architectural glory by many folds with the construction of the world’s largest artificial island. Located on the shores of the city of Dubai, Palm Island is an archipelago of islands designed as a residential as well as the commercial hub of the city. Carved in the shape of the palm tree, this marvel can be spotted even from outer space. Palm Island is also rewarded as the eighth wonder of the world.

2.  Dubai Marina

City developers from all over the world have created marvels in Dubai breaking all the norms of present-day engineering. The largest man-made marina in the world, Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city built to provide a public space for the urban environment. The marina hosts over 120,000 people in the residential towers located along the walkways. The marina also provides parking for hundreds of private yachts and boats.

3.  Dubai Mall

Dubai has placed itself as the shopping hub of the world with the construction of many high-end markets, gold souks, and shopping malls. One of the largest in the world, the Dubai Mall hosts an array of experiences for the travelers which include shopping spree from some of the most luxurious brands in the world to many gastronomy delights, the Dubai aquarium and an underwater zoo.

4.  Infinity Tower

One of the iconic towers in Dubai city skyline is the Infinity Tower. Awarded as the world’s tallest building with a twist of 90 degrees, the Infinity tower serves as an ultra-luxurious residential complex.

5.  Burj Khalifa

Famed to be the tallest manmade structure on earth, the Burj Khalifa has a mind-boggling 160 floors which include residential suits, the world’s highest mosque, office spaces, and the prestigious Armani hotel. The Burj Khalifa attracts thousands of visitors every day who wish to admire this engineering marvel up close.

Wrap Up

Besides these tourist hotspots in Dubai, there are many other places, too, that you must visit when in Dubai. One week’s stay in Dubai is recommended to explore the diversity in the country to its fullest. so that you are able to make the most of your Dubai trip, whether it is a family or group holiday tour. You can shop online for Dubai Tour Packages from Ahmedabad, Mumbai or anywhere in India through Flamingo Travels.