July 21, 2024

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Practice Ice Skating On Synthetic Ice Tiles


Skating on ice is a particularly unique skill that demands strict training and perfect conditions. In the old days the only way to skate on it was to wait for winter to come along and freeze the ponds and lakes so that skaters could freely partake in the cold, but exhilarating sport. Now, in the late 20th century we have synthetic ice tiles. There is no excuse for anybody to not practice or even enjoy some good old fashioned ice skating.

Figure Eights And Crisscrossing

Synthetic ice tiles is made from a specially formulated type of plastic that allows for a real ice-like experience. Although pucks and sticks can glide across it just like they would in a regular ice hockey game, there is a slight difference for the skater. Unlike real ice, there is a little bit of a resistance drag when skaters skate across the surface of artificial ice. It is not so much of a drag that it makes it difficult to skate, it just makes it a little bit harder, so the skater has to push more. This, in itself, is great because it gives the skater an opportunity to gain strength and stamina. When the skater works out and practices figure eights and crisscrosses they can really feel the burn. This makes it seem so much easier when they get back out on the real ice for games.


Synthetic ice is just as rugged and ready to go as the real deal. Practicing transitions is a must when you are training to be a champion. One of the best ways to practice your stickhandling and transitions is to place a puck at either side of your flooring area. If you have limited space, just use what you have. Skate back and forth between the two points while switching directions on each side. At each point of stopping do a crossover and quickly skate back to the other side. Skate backward, then forwards, and stop just at the puck. When you get used to the back and forth motion, bring a puck into the mix and practice your stickhandling.

Shooting Dekes

What better way to practice game-winning dekes than to do it on a great flooring? Given you have enough room, you can start at one end of your flooring area longways, then work your way back towards the practice goal with your puck. For the best experience, it is best to have a high-quality shooting tarp so you protect your walls, and have a perfect target to shoot at for practice. As you approach the goal from the long end of the rink keep slapping your puck smoothly back and forth. When you get closer to the goal area slow down, take your time, and gently push the puck into the opposite direction that your eyes are focused on. If you are watching the right side of the goal, slide the puck to your opposite hand. Keep an eye on the puck, and the goal at all times. When you get within two feet of the goal switch your gaze to the opposite side that you are going to shoot for, then deke the puck into the opposite side without watching it. Smoothly, quickly and easily practice your way into the perfect deke, then keep practicing until you become unstoppable.

Continue to Practice

Sometimes the only edge you will have over the next player in your game is the amount of practice and experience that you have. They can be bigger, stronger, and even quicker than you are, but if you know what you are doing you can outplay them every time. Keep practicing and always have a positive attitude.