July 21, 2024

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Simple Tips To Make Your Dog Urine Cleanup Service Easier

Urine Cleanup Service

Urine cleanup service is indeed a daunting task. Many pet owners tend to avoid this task due to the stress involved in the cleaning process. It’s not as bad as dog poop, but it is definitely close to that.

Getting familiar with the color of a pet’s urine is something a first-time pet owner should be interested in. A dog’s urine is Amber-colored, and just like it is with humans, dogs pass their excretion with urine which is comprised mainly of waste and protein from their kidney.

So many factors like the dog’s age, gender, health, and medical history could make dog urine different from each other. An older dog has a higher probability of causing a bad stench and stain through its urine because its urine is more likely to contain more protein and less uric acephalia. This means the permanence of dog urine depends on its age. .

Cat urine odor has a higher stench than dog urine. This is because dog diets contain lesser protein than cat diets.

Where to Find It

Urine Cleanup Service

Before you start urine cleanup service, it is important to find the spot that the dog has marked as its territory and which it regularly uses to do its business. After that, you can proceed with the cleaning task. Equipment used to detect the places that have been affected by the urine can be found in major pet stores. The pet urine detector makes use of black light, and the black light helps to distinguish the pet’s urine by making it glow. Turn off the lights before using the pet urine detector for accuracy and adequate result.

Do not try to locate the spot without the use of a proper tool. This could be strenuous and harmful to the eyes. Likewise, the UV lights should not be employed because they could end up damaging your sense of sight.

The use of moisture detectors are less effective, but they could still be applied anyway.

The amount of damage caused by pet urine stain will determine the appropriate cleaning agent to buy. However, if you use the wrong type of treatment for cleaning dog urine, you may incur further damage to your floor or cushion that may take longer and costlier to remedy.

Make sure you vacuum the area before cleaning. This will ensure that all particles are removed before using the treatment.

Dog Urine Cleaning Methods

Urine Cleanup Service

Organic- urine is considered organic, so trying to use organic cleaners which are sold in the pet stores should work well in eradicating the urine.

Peroxide- a mixture of peroxide and water could help in getting rid of the dog’s urine stain.

Window cleaners- it has been tested by pet owners, and they can also attest that spraying the window cleaner solution to the affected area then wiping the entire thing off could be a great way of getting stains off.