July 14, 2024

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Small Measurement Of Honor Sports Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth Earphones

When smart phones were popular, everyone did not think that one day Bluetooth earphones would be daily necessities. The former Bluetooth earphones did not look good and was expensive. In terms of sound quality, Bluetooth earphones with the same price perform far less than wired earphones. At that time, Bluetooth headsets did not seem to be competitive.

Today many brands have poured into the Bluetooth headset market. Even the category of real wireless headphones has been subdivided. The exercise headphones, which have been lukewarm all the time. They have entered the public’s view due to the improvement of people’s fitness awareness. Compared with traditional headphones, Bluetooth headphones have great advantages in sports. Sports Bluetooth headsets came into being. As a well-known brand, HONOR will catch this market. So the HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones came into market.

In terms of color, HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones has red and blue colors. As a sports Bluetooth headset, the portability of HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones is beyond doubt. The weight is only about 20g, which can be worn without feeling. The design without necklace makes the earphone feel comfortable and natural to wear.

As a pair of sports headphones, the earmuff of its unit is made of silicone material. It has an oblique in-ear design. In addition, shark fin design is added to ensure good stability. Prevent headphones from falling off during exercise. The waterproof index of HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones is IPX5. Even if it rains outside, there is no need to worry about damaging the headset.

In terms of the most important sound quality of headphones. HONOR Bluetooth headphones use 11 mm large-size moving coil units and micron-sized composite diaphragms. It focuses on the performance of bass. At the same time, high-frequency human voices have good separation, distinct levels and rich texture. When exercising, you can enjoy beautiful music to add fun to the exercise.

Under the two important standards of sports headphones, HONOR Bluetooth headphones have their own outstanding performance. In other details, HONOR Bluetooth headphones also do well.

Bluetooth Earphones

In addition to the above mentioned, the earphone unit adopts an 11 mm moving coil unit. The in-ear design part adopts a shallow in-ear design. It can not only ensure the wearing comfort, but also have certain sound insulation. The two units adopt magnetic attraction. Which is convenient to store and can be used as hanging up the phone and suspending music. At the same time, two sizes of earphone covers are provided to meet the needs of different groups.

To sum up, HONOR Bluetooth headsets is worth buying. It has a fashionable appearance and excellent performance at the same time. For people who love sports, sports headphones are not only a pair of headphones, but also their partners. A good Bluetooth headset can bring a better experience to sports. The HONOR Sports Bluetooth Earphones is the good partner.