July 29, 2021

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The Effects of a Hockey Balance Board

The Effects of a Hockey Balance Board

A great training aid that has been kicking up some dust in the hockey world is the hockey balance board. Since it takes great strength, skill, and stamina to be an effective hockey player it is no wonder why so many people have chosen to use a balance board to keep themselves sharp and in shape. Balancing on a hockey balance board is extremely beneficial for the whole body, and brain. In most cases, you can feel the burn of the workout immediately and know that it is working those muscles. How does it all work? Let’s take a look.

Activating the Core in a Balance Board

You may already know that when your body calls for balance it engages the core in order to get things right. Some circumstances may be a bit more extreme than others. For instance, when you walk across a room your core is activated and engaged so that you can move whatever direction you want to and not fall. When you do pullups or hold your body in a plank, satta matka the muscles are in a little more demand than mere walking so the need for the core to be in effect is more extreme. The same muscles that you use for skating are engaged when you skate. When you practice balancing on a balance board, you are activating your core muscles and holding them there for the entire time that you are balancing. As you activate your core and hold it, you are strengthening the muscles that bring it all to life. When you strengthen your core, you strengthen your whole body.

What A Strong Core Provides

The simplest part of the core system is to provide balance and stability to the body as it is in motion. A couple of steps beyond the balance factor is that when your core is strong many of the movements that you would automatically use your back to accomplish, will be taken care of by your core in a way that balances out the load and brings strain from the back. For example, when you lower yourself towards the ground to pick a heavy object up from the floor, instead of the full burden being on your back muscles, your core will step in and help. This way you lessen the strain on your back and are at less of a risk to cause a back injury that could put you in a bed for a couple of weeks.

Another perk of having a strong core is that it helps the body to stay balanced in advanced age. As humans age, they lose quite a bit of their abilities to stay balanced. Becue of this it is not uncommon to hear of or even see, elderly people, falling down. If you exercise your core on a regular basis, you can keep enough of that strength as you age to keep you from falling down so easily. A strong core can prevent unnecessary injuries.

A Hockey Balance Board Strengthens the Core

The moment that you step on a balance board and execute your core muscles, you are building strength in your core. All it takes is 15 minutes a day of balancing on a hockey balance board to build a substantial amount of strength for balance, and endurance for the game of hockey. Hockey can be a brutal sport at times, but if you are healthy and physically fit enough to hang with the rest of them you will be alright. The effects of using a hockey balance board every day are phenomenal, but the only way that you can benefit from them is if you get off of the couch and put your board to work.

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