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The Top 3 Casino Movies to Watch in 2021

The Top 3 Casino Movies to Watch in 2021

There is no question how significant movies have become. They are part of our everyday life, and with their popularity, it is only natural that they also have a huge impact on the public’s opinion. They influence it, be it for good or bad – the fact stays. Even from the early days of the movie industry, the lifestyle of gamblers and the whole concept related to casinos have been of great interest for the industry. Some of these are a real representation of what that life looks like. Casino movies often show the thrill of the games, the despair if the gambler is not that lucky, and the amazing feeling that the next move, or the next car will bring the player his/her big win.

There used to be a common belief that gambling and casinos are a luxury reserved only for the rich. This opinion has changed once Hollywood started making this genre of movies. Today, casinos are made even more easily approachable than ever before. Now we have the online version of the traditional brick casino, and playing, gambling and winning have become that much more fun and more entertaining. And the entire process is simple as well. Let’s take Winorama, Rizk or Wildz online casinos. They are built to be easy to master, and if you try the wildz casino login option, you will see for yourself. And if all this wasn’t enough, all these online casinos strive to make the entire experience safe and secure for the players.

As for the movies worth your while, here is the list you need to check out. Enjoy!

Casino Royale (director Martin Campbell, released 2006)

There is a movie with the exact same title released in 1973. This one is a well-made remake and it is definitely one of the best sequel of the entire 007 franchise. Casino Royale paints the world of high stakes and big risks in a marvelous way, and the entire movie is filled with images of class, adrenaline and wealth. soma prime build

The story mainly centers on the most popular secret agent James Bond. The character is brilliantly portrayed by Daniel Craig. He is assigned a mission that takes him to Le Chiffre – the banker many criminal masterminds trust. Besides that he is also shown winning big bucks in Montenegro at the Le Casino Royale playing Texas Hold’em. His main goal is to prevent a terrorist from winning a big tournament.

If you’ve heard of online casino games like สล็อต, you might think they’re reserved for high rollers. Nothing could be more erroneous. The internet is brimming with online casino games suitable for players of all skill levels. If you prefer slots or online poker, blackjack, baccarat, or roulette, or something else, there is an online casino game for you.

Besides all that gambling and poker thrill, the movie is also filled with action scenes. I mean, it is 007 – what can you expect? All in all, the movie reflects the money laundering world quite accurately, and how these criminals use gambling to achieve their illegal goals.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (director Terry Gilliam, released 1998)

This is a classic, and people who enjoy this genre of movie are strongly advised to watch it. If you still haven’t, of course. It is a true story (always a booster to give it a chance), and the story revolves around a journalist named Hunter Thompson and his lawyer. Thompson is played by the amazing Johnny Depp. Together the two main go on a kind of a psychedelic trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The journalist’s specialty is sports, he is a sportswriter and he likes doing drugs. He gets the idea of doing a story on a sports event in Vegas, the famous Sin City. Once they load up on drugs, and spend an immense amount of money in order to achieve that – they start their journey of discovering the American Dream. On their way there, they encounter gamblers, drug dealers, hitchhikers, and the inevitable – police officers.

What probably makes this movie more interesting to watch is the fact that it doesn’t try to paint Las Vegas as a luxurious and an always-fun place to be. On the contrary, we can see Las Vegas as a dangerous place to be (far from the never-ending “American Dream”). This movie shows that gamblers who like the thrill, but don’t like the more nerve wrecking side of Vegas – they can enjoy the activity online, from the comfort of their homes.

The Hangover (director Todd Phillips, released 2009)

After the previous, kind of gloomy suggestion, we move on to comedy. This is one of the most successful casino comedies, and it perfectly demonstrates the worldly famous saying – What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. We watch the story of three friends (Alan, Stu and Phill) who go on a bachelor party for their friend (Doug).

Once they start the party, we skip the night and we see them waking up the next day not remembering anything from the night before. And to top it all up – they can’t seem to find the groom-to-be. They find a tiger in their bedroom, one of them lost a tooth, and another lost his wedding ring. We can see it was a night full of events, and as the movie goes on they try to find the groom and discover what in the world happened. You will see what kind of unusual things can go down at a Las Vegas casino, and you will undoubtedly have a good laugh.