October 6, 2022

What is a Hockey Shooting Pad?

What is a Hockey Shooting Pad?

For those of you that are fairly new to the world of hockey training, a hockey shooting pad may not be a familiar piece of training equipment. You may have heard of a hockey balance board, synthetic ice flooring, and other things, but a shooting pad? What is it? We have put together this article in hopes to educate the ones who are unaware of the benefits of this fantastic training aid that will help a hockey player to dominate the shooting game.

A Slick Surface

In order for a champion to be forged out of constant practice, they have to use the kinds of tools that will actually help them to improve their shooting skills. A high-quality hockey shooting pad will be equipped with the kind of surface that is so much like ice it will be hard to determine the difference. Sniper’s Edge hockey created a type of hockey shooting pad that is so slick and versatile that you can’t help but to get better if you use it on a regular basis. These slick pads are created from highly advanced technology that combines science with professional hockey techniques in order to establish an advanced tool that produces gains, not excuses.

Shooting Practice

In most cases, a shooting pad can be used in combination with a hockey shooting tarp. This way the player can take the time to pinpoint certain shots that they might have problems making and hone in on them until they make the shot every time that they shoot. Although the mat is not exactly like ice, it is so much like it that the muscles that you use and form while practicing will stay with you when you get on the real ice so that every shot will be familiar to you. If anything the little bit of resistance that you will get through practicing will cause you to gain more muscle and strength so that when you play a real game, you will slap those shots in like second nature.

Compact and Portable

One of the greatest things about having your own shooting mat is that you can take it anywhere you go. All you have to do is roll it up into a neat cylinder and you can pack it anywhere. It is lightweight and will fit into a backpack or duffle bag. This way you can pull it out and practice shots just about anywhere. You don’t need a shooting tarp wherever you go, but you do have to be careful where you shoot the pucks so that you don’t damage cars or people with fast-flying pucks.


In short, a hockey shooting pad is one of the best tools that a hockey player can have in order to stay sharp and strong. They come in different sizes so that you can have the freedom to choose how large or small of an area that you want to use to practice with. They are not a full-sized hockey rink, and you cant skate or practice stickhandling on them, but they are great for focused shooting practice. After all, it is ultimately scored shots that win games, so the better you are at making shots, the more points you will score. When you score more, you win more games. Practicing regularly on your shots will help you to become the champion that you are capable of being.

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