October 7, 2022

Why are Trucker Hats Popular and What is it?

Why are Trucker Hats Popular and What is it?

There are many names for trucker hats: mesh cap, netback cap and the very popular trucker caps. It was used as an accessory to promote farmers, agricultural workers, and truck drivers in the past. It was driven by truck drivers to every corner of the United States, making the cousin of the Baseball Cap famous.

Although it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what a trucker cap is and where the name originated, most people can trace it back to their rural roots. Hats were once given away by animal supply sellers and feed stores as promotional items.

These hats were worn on the front by truck drivers, farmers, as well as ranchers. This hat was designed to encourage working men to promote their suppliers.

Trucker’s hats are meant for working men. Ventilated backs are a sign that a trucker’s hat is legitimate since these hard-working men needed something cool and breathable.

The History of Trucker Hats

In rural areas, trucker hats first appeared in 1960s. To keep rural workers from the sun, the hats were often provided by agricultural companies. Both truckers and farmers liked the original design, which featured a foam to absorb sweat and a mesh backside that allows for breathability. Also, the bill which is wide enough to keep the sun out of the eyes.

We are now seeing trucker hats worn more stylistically than for convenience and utility in the 2000s. John Deere, one of the original pioneers of trucker hats, used to label them. Trucker hats are now being made in a variety of niches. There are many options in the trucker-hat industry, from musicians and sports teams to outdoor recreation businesses and skateboarding brands.

Why are Trucker Hats So Popular?

Blue-collar workers wore trucker hats every day in the 1970s and 1980s. This hat style is instantly outdoor-friendly and typifies the ‘hardworking American’ rural working-class culture. Trucker hats were popularized by celebrities such as Pharrell, Justin Timberlake, and Ashton Kutcher who wore them on national television in the 2000s. Soon enough, the custom trucker hat was quickly adopted by wealthy white urban youth.

Who Wears Trucker Hats?

A trucker hat can be worn by anyone, as they go with almost anything. These hats are loved by hipsters from Brooklyn to Oakland.

Since the trucker hat trend has become very popular in sport merchandising, you’ll see many sports fans wearing them. These hats are also very popular among ranchers and farmers as well as all the other original users who have worn them proudly over the years.

How to Wear the Trucker Hat


The trucker cap is one cap that can fit plenty of heads. It is no wonder that it is loved by all genders. So, how do you style it?

  • Wear It Front-Facing

Your cap can be worn to show your loyalty to your skater community, hip-hop artist, or sports team. Your trucker cap should be worn front-facing if you prefer to keep things simple and casual.

You can roll into the trucker cap world with a cool graphic T-shirt, comfortable shorts, and sneakers. The adjustable mesh trucker caps have a broad brim design at the front and mesh at the back. They can be paired with casual sweatshirts, jeans, or trendy sneakers.

  • Wear it Backward

The trucker cap can be worn backwards to let the rebel in your heart shine. The brim is at the back, while the mesh is in the front. This is the look that young people love at the start of their fashion careers.

This look was popularized in 2000’s movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. Moreover, skateboarders often wear the trucker caps backwards for practical reasons too. This rebellious look can be achieved by placing the back portion of the cap above your hairline, and the brim facing down in the back. For a casual, relaxed look, wear a plain shirt and jeans.

Trucker hats can be worn by anyone, no matter if you are a hardworking professional or an artist. If you are still not sure if trucker hats suit you, then this blog will help you to find the right piece of headgear, regardless of your profession.