July 22, 2024

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Why Running Is Useful and Harmful?

Why Running Is Useful and Harmful?

Running is a truly unique physical activity. It is the most accessible form of sport. If you realize that it has a lot of benefits on your endocrine, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and a lot more. You won’t ever stop running for a day.

Running is suitable for both women and men; it allows you to lose weight with health benefits and is incredibly popular worldwide due to its many benefits. When we talk about benefits or running or jogging, you will end up learning that they are endless. Let’s consider them in more detail.

The Benefits of Running for The Body

The Cardiovascular System

Whenever you think about running and cardiovascular system at the same time. You will feel it doesn’t add up, how does it help? In running, the heart rate increases, which contributes to better blood pulsation in the body. Simultaneously, the muscles are loaded, small vessels are cleaned, which significantly facilitates blood access to all organs. Blood circulation is accelerated. With the high metabolism rate, they heart cleanses itself. The heart muscle is strengthened; the risk of a wide range of cardiovascular system diseases is reduced.

Digestive System

If you want a well-functioning digestive system, just start running or exercising. Exercise stimulates the intestines and helps to recover from several ailments. Regular jogging will benefit the gastrointestinal tract, which will start to work better, normalizing the pancreas’ functioning. A beneficial effect on the gallbladder is also noted – all stagnant processes stop, it is cleansed, which leads to the renewal of the body as a whole. If you keep on doing running or exercise, your gall bladder will work a lot better than ever. Also, running without any means has a beneficial effect on the state of the liver.

Mental Health

Any sport and running is no exception; it is a test of personality for strength. Any physical activity you do, it helps you relax your mind and body. Regular training helps to develop willpower and self-confidence. People who are getting treated for alcoholism also have mental health issues. Therefore, running or physical activity is a must for them and everyone.  Anyone who runs on a regular basis, becomes quite fit and healthy in comparison to the people who don’t run at all.

They can overcome their laziness, insecurity, and several diseases. Running also promotes balance. And one more important point. In the process of running, the human body produces pleasure hormones endorphins. Therefore, runners rarely suffer from stress, depression, discouragement. And given improving the figure for the better, a person can get rid of his complexes.

Weight Loss

Is running well for weight loss? Definitely yes. This is a beautiful, affordable and straightforward way to get rid of those extra pounds. Many calories are consumed in running, and due to the powerful cardio load; the body destroys excess fat. Everything takes time, so after month of following your running routine, start noticing your weight. Definitely, running directly helps with weight loss. But there are some negative points to consider.

The Benefits of Running for Men and Women


Almost all of the benefits are same for women and men. However, several features need to be noted for each gender separately. Learn how running benefits women:

  • First of all, this is an excellent opportunity to lose weight.
  • Also, running will help you get a beautiful relief, pump up your buttocks and hips.
  • Running affects your skin as well. As you know, its smoothness and elasticity are determined by the level of oxygen saturation. When running, blood circulation is accelerated, making it possible to improve the synthesis of collagen and elastin, responsible for the elasticity of the skin. Also, running is excellent against the hated orange peel.
  • Jogging helps maintain a good mood, prevents stress and helps fight emotional swings, attitudes, anxiety, and insomnia, common in many women.

And how it benefits men’s health:

  • We are strengthening endurance, training strength of character.
  • It helps you tighten your muscles and become more active.
  • Burning fat.
  • Running is suitable for your joints. Many men do strength exercises with heavyweights, which pose a particular risk to joints and ligaments. Running helps to counteract potential adverse effects by gently strengthening joints, increasing their elasticity, and reducing injury risk.
  • This activity also helps with healthy organs performance. A sedentary lifestyle provokes stagnant processes in the genital area, which encourages earlier extinction of force. Running helps increase testosterone levels, promotes blood dispersal throughout the body, and raises a man’s all sorts of endurance.

Also, running teaches a man discipline and composure, helps him achieve his goals, and realize his plans and make him more of a complete man.

Contraindications and Possible Harm 

Despite the benefits of running, not everyone can run. In the start, fat people should not start from running, as it could harm them. Most people start jogging, just for a slim figure nothing else. In the presence of a large amount of excess weight (from 130 kg) and lack of preparation, this type of activity puts a significant load on the spine and knees, which can provoke negative consequences. You should start with walking slowly and then do jogging or running later on. When a specific part of the excess weight has already gone away, you can increase the load and start running gradually.


If you are new to running, start gradually, at low speeds and short distances. It is also important to use comfortable shoes and comfortable sportswear. If you don’t rest your body and keep running regularly, you will end up exhausting your muscles and body. It’s better to give your body rest one day a week. However, remember that it is essential to warm up to prepare your body before your run, especially in the morning. The benefits and harms of running can be manifested in different ways, but this affordable and effective type of activity has much more useful properties. It is only essential to take into account the contraindications and run them correctly.