July 25, 2024

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Top 6 Drinks That Increase Risk of Diabetes

Top 6 Drinks That Increase Risk of Diabetes

Even if you don’t like sweet desserts, avoid junk food, and cultivate healthy habits, you may be at risk of developing type 2 diabetes due to your passion for juices and sodas. This is the conclusion reached by scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health, summing up the results of a 26-year study. Let’s find out how sugary drinks increase the risk of diabetes and what the scientific logic behind it is.

Risk Of Diabetes

A person may have diabetes due to several reasons. Most common of which is sedentary lifestyle and obesity due to unhealthy diets, heart disease, and blood pressure problems. Even the place of residence of a person plays a role.

There is evidence that radioactively contaminated places increase the likelihood of the onset of the disease. Self-care is the only effective preventive measure that helps maintain health and good quality of life.

But sometimes, people simply do not realize that little things can cause many problems in the future. One of them is to quench your thirst with sweet soda or natural 100% juice. What is dangerous here?

Sugary Drinks And Diabetes

In September 2019, specialists from the Harvard School of Public Health summed up the results of a 26-year study involving 192 thousand people. According to published data, people who regularly consume sugary drinks (including fruit juices) face a moderately high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Every four years for nearly three decades, researchers assessed the health indicators of study participants. The study found that the love of sweetened drinks increases the risk of diabetes by as much as 16%.

At the same time, the transition to diet soda, like natural fruit juice, does not change the case. And the use of drinks with artificial sweeteners further increases the risk. Only a reduction in the number of drinks consumed or a complete rejection of them can help!

Increased Threat In America

Among the sugary drinks that are dangerous to health are those that contain pure sugar and its substitutes, both artificial and natural. Though some artificial sweeteners are widely used and available in America, some of them are also banned. But, in South America, where the crime rate is high, even illegal products like sweeteners, meth, and cocaine are widely available.

The trend of alcohol addiction and substance abuse in South America is more common as compared to North America. Southern America that includes States like Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Georgia, is known to be the hub for drug trafficking organizations.

Due to the availability of illegal products (such as alcoholic products) in South America, diseases such as diabetes and heart attack are increasing at an alarming rate. If not taken necessary actions, it might wipe out a large portion of the population. Government should take action on this situation and cut the supply of illegal products in these areas.

Drinks To Avoid

Health experts urge you to drink 6 to 8 glasses of fluid daily. Moreover, this volume includes ordinary clean water as well as milk, tea, and coffee. It is very important not to fill the recommended amount of liquid with sweetened drinks. There is nothing better for the health of the body than plain water. Which drinks should you avoid?

Fruit Juices And Smoothies

In addition, to being limited in vitamins and minerals, fruits juices and smoothies are sources of added sugar. Homemade unsweetened vegetable juices, water with mint leaves and a slice of lemon, and herbal infusions without additional additives can be a good alternative to them.

Protecting against cardiovascular disease critical for people with diabetes  — Diabetes Awareness

Sugary Alcoholic Drinks

The risk of diabetes as well as early death increases with the excessive consumption of sugary alcoholic drinks. According to research, these beverages increase the risk of diabetes more than sweet snacks. Thus, one should avoid them at all costs. However, if one is addicted to them, it is going to have even more serious consequences on health.

Carbonated Drinks

The concentration of nutrients in them is minimal if they are present at all. But the sugar content is usually very high. Studies have shown that children who drink a lot of sugary drinks are more likely to be overweight. In addition, sugary carbonated drinks are more damaging to the teeth than similar non-carbonated products.

Caffeine Based Drinks

Caffeine is a well-known stimulant. It can give you vigor and temporarily make you feel more alert and less sleepy. But at the same time, manufacturers often support its effect by increasing the sugar in drinks. Hence, it increases the risk of several health problems. Therefore, it is best not to include coffee and other caffeinated drinks in your diet.

Tea With Added Sugar

Even such a familiar drink as tea can be unhealthy. It can be beneficial if there is an absence of added sugar and sweeteners. If black tea or traditional coffee without sugar seems unpalatable to you, you can switch to fruit and herbal teas (they have a pleasant, mild taste).

Sports Drinks

If you don’t participate in sports, do not run endurance marathons, and strength training does not take up all of your free time, you do not need sports drinks. They are permissible in the diet of only those people who are engaged in high-intensity workouts and, from time to time, need energy recharge. However, you should keep in mind that sports drinks contain as many calories and sugar as soda. And just like it, they increase the risk of developing diabetes.

Take Away

Regular consumption of sweetened beverages is unhealthy. Cola and soda, if consumed in excess, can crowd out healthier foods from the diet, thereby degrading overall nutritional quality. According to experts, sugary drinks increase the risk of several types of cancer, overweight and obesity, worsen the quality of teeth (causing tooth decay and damage to the enamel), cause diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. Thus, it is better to cut off the above-mentioned sugary drinks from the diet.