July 22, 2024

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How to Pull Fantastic Hockey Deke Moves

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If you ever wanted to learn how to pull off the perfect hockey deke, now is your chance. If you are not sure of what a deke is, keep reading you are about to find out. Hockey dekes are an art that only the true hockey players can appreciate. If you learn what to look out for when you are doing them, you can know how to see opportunities as they arise.

Watch for Opportunities

From one side of the rink to the other, there is always the possibility to get the puck and run with it right to the goalie. If you know where to go, you can fake your moves like a pro and score every time. Be confident as you make your way around the rink, and always keep a watchful eye on your teammates to see if you can assist them with their own deke moves. Wherever you are, there is a chance that your opposing team will slip up and make mistakes. Be alert and remember that other players do have weaknesses that you can gain from.

Practicing The Deke Moves

If you are serious about gaining the ultimate deke skills there are few tools that you may want to incorporate into your life. You can practice ice skating moves from the comfort of your own home by installing synthetic ice in your garage or driveway. If you don’t have the room to install flooring, you can always get yourself a shooting pad and a shooting tarp. The best training aids to practice hockey deke moves are:

  • Synthetic Ice
  • Dryland Hockey Tiles
  • Shooting Pad
  • Hockey Shooting Tarp
  • Hockey Passer/Rebounder

Not everybody is going to have the room to set up these training aids, but if you have a friend, or can figure out a way to make them work, it will be extremely beneficial to you.

The Nature of the Deke

When you pull off a hockey deke, what you are actually doing is fooling the goalie. A deke move is the same as a fake move. This is when you act as if you are going to take a shot from one direction, but you switch it up at the last second and go another way. If you are good on your feet and have great balance skills you will be able to switch your body into different positions without even breaking a sweat. Your hand-eye coordination will allow you to look straight at a fake shot area then slap a puck for the point in a whole other area. You focus your gaze on the lower right corner of the goal, and as soon as you see the goalie get ready to block it, you slap your shot in the upper left. As your goalie is still trying to shift to stop your shot, your puck has already scored a point.

Practice and Training

The great thing about using a shooting tarp to practice shots is that it has target areas where you can focus to put the pucks in. There are holes on the upper left, upper right, lower left, and lower right, then there is a hole in the center bottom, between the goalie’s legs. Each one of these areas is a place that you can focus on, one shot at a time to gain shooting accuracy. When you shoot for the same target over and over again you build what is known as muscle memory. This means that after a while, shots will become second nature to you and you won’t even have to think in order to make the shots. The best way to learn how to pull the best hockey dekes is to continue to play and practice until you master them.