July 22, 2024

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Finding Wheelchair Services and Support in Your Area

Wheelchair Services

Wheelchair Services

As a wheelchair user, buying a new wheelchair, fixing a broken one, or upgrading an existing wheelchair should be easy. However, this can be stressful if a distributor or after-sales service shop is not nearby.

It is helpful to have a wheelchair services shop or distributor within your locality. Where information on wheelchair support and services are hard to find, the guides below will come in handy.

Quick Research Online

The internet is your best resource, use it! It is a reliable place to find the most ergonomic designs and upgrades on wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Leading manufacturers of wheelchairs update their websites regularly to keep their customers informed on development.

Maximize your search for the best results by entering your location in the search query, for instance ‘wheelchair service in Houston’ if you live in Houston. You can replace Houston with Santa Monica, Salt Lake City, or wherever you live. That will ensure you get results from listings within your location.

If you are particular about prices and design, go a step further in your search, use a price comparison website. There you can check for prices and specifications.

Locate Service Shop Or Distributors Nearby

Part of wheelchair designers and manufacturers’ sales strategy is to give you a better customer experience, so they may have local distributors who handle their sales and after-sales services in your city.

If you search, chances are that they have a local distributor who can repair, upgrade or sell you a new wheelchair. Whether your wheelchair is a bespoke, made in Sweden, or a regular design from a maker in Japan, these distributors’ service shops are good places to get the service you desire.

Each manufacturer has a distributor, and you can reach them with a phone call or a quick trip to their location.

Join A Forum

Online message boards, forums, and sports clubs are some great places to socialize both physically and virtually. Aside from providing a safe and empathetic space with other wheelchair users, forums and message board are places to learn about wheelchair care, service and sales available in your locality.

Social Media groups, online forums, and clubs, are the go-to place to access personal information you may not find anywhere else.

Forums are also a good place to access information on the quality of services in wheelchair service shops. Sport clubs add a physical dimension to the interactions on forums. You meet wheelchair users physically and have friendly discussions with them on where to get an efficient service for your wheelchair.

You can also join a wheelchair manufacturer on a message board or Facebook page where you can have a direct conversation with them. They are usually very responsive and you can get feedback from them within a couple of hours of messaging them.

Check With Your Hospital’s Mobility Department

Run a check with your local hospital, the mobility department may have ongoing partnerships with wheelchair designers and manufacturers, so if your wheelchair needs an upgrade, servicing or is out of use, they might have an arrangement for a temporary replacement or even fix your wheelchair for you.

When you purchase your wheelchair, make it a point to keep the contact number of the salesperson. That might come in handy when you need to upgrade or service your wheelchair.

Now you know that to find a wheelchair service, repair, upgrade shop or distributor in your area, quick research online can point you to the nearest center. Forums and online message boards are also excellent sources of information.

You can also meet other wheelchair users on forums, Facebook pages or your local sports club who can share valuable information with you.